With nearly forty years i discoverd the mountains at my first climb to Hochstaufen in June of 1995. Walking and Climbing on not difficult ways is a excelent composition of natur, movement, effort, distance, rest and sociability. From the first walking i make dokuments to this. It should be no book with many nice pictures but a collection of facts and my personal impressions. Possibly i want give things to my children i have done with much pleasure.

What is RSBERGE?

The letters R and S are the short symbols to my name: Rupert Schuderer! The word BERGE is the german word for mountains!

Every year i will make ten to twenty walking tours to mountains, houses and lakes in the european alps.

The idea to give this documents to the World Wide Web as an HTML-project was born accidentally. I am working at a company making software in special branch. Therefore it was obvious to make the HTML-files myself. To put more informations to RSBERGE the interest of all surfer und mountain friends will be important. Many is possible - The links are endless - Information is more important than graphical top form!

Author in Austria

Finally I wish all that my informations are making respect to the mountains and nature. Hold them clear! All following generations should have pleasure also to see the upper and lower, the light and shadow and the beauty of the mountain regions!

1996/03 Rupert Schuderer (Author)