Walking Description

Date: 6-6-96 Day of week: Thursday
Location: Berchtesgadener Alps
Category: Mountain tour
Starting point: Alpine hut "Ostpreussenhütte"

Starting point Ostpreussenhütte!

Starting altitude (m): 1630 Target altitude (m): 1016 Difference of altitude (m): 614
Characteristic: Safe interesting path
Difficulty: Easy
Weather: Blue sky, very warm, hazy
Participants: Annemarie (32), Johanna (4), Andrea (8), Gerhard (10) und Rupert (40)

Time of departure (hour): 9.00 Time of return (hour): 11.05
Distances Time
Breaks (hours)
"Ostpreussenhütte" - "Blühnteggalm" 0.25 -
"Blühnteggalm" - Car park Dielalm (Werfen) 1.30 0.10
Total time (hours): 1.55 0.10

"KOMPASS" hiking map no. 15, scale:1:50 000)

Map with high resolution (78 KB)

Having spent the night a bit too warmly and after consuming a cosy breakfast at the round tabel in the guest´s room, we departed quite early to avoid midday heat.

Descending was of course much quicker than ascending the day before. As it was a public holiday (Corpus Christi Day) a lot more people were around.

Reference: Walking tour no. 23 to "Ostpreussenhütte", 5-6-96

"Blühnteggalm" in direction to massif of "Hochkönig"!