Walking Description

Date: 3-9-95 Day of week: Sunday
Location: Mieminger Gebirge (foothills)
Category: Circle walking-tour
Starting point: Seefeld (car park of tennis court)

Lake Möserer See!

Starting altitude (m): 1180 Highest Altitude (m): 1380 Difference in altitude (m): 200
Characteristic: Safe walking-tour for families with little difference in altitude
Difficulty: very easy
Weather: Sunny, later thick clouds
Participants: Franziska (28), Franz (11 months), Karl (26), Annemarie (31)
Johanna (4), Andrea (7), Gerhard (9) und Rupert (39)

Time of departure (hour): 12.35 Time of return (hour): 17.05
Distances Time
Breaks (hours)
Tennis court at Seefeld - Lake Möserer See 1.10 1.50 (Restaurant "Möserer Seestubīn")
Lake Möserer See - tennis court at Seefeld 1.25 0.05
Total time (hours): 2.35 1.55

"KOMPASS" hiking map no. 35, scale: 1:50000

Map with high resolution (62 KB)

The entire hiking tour is extremely suitable for small children (with baby buggy, pram). With the exception of a short distance along the road this tour leads mostly through woods. After a gentle ascent we reached after an hour an ugly multi-storey building (hotel "Olympia" and later restaurant "Hubertushof") Before you reach the gate in the wood you should turn left and you will suddenly see the beautifully situated lake "Möserer See". The small island in the middle of the lake is particularly attractive, but only accessable by swimming.

Behind the cosy restaurant "Möserer Seestubīn" (many old musical instruments in this house) the path leads eastwards for a little while; after that we easily managed the gentle ascent to the highest point of our walking-tour (1380 m altitude). There is a facility for getting a hikerīs stamp called "Geiernest". Shortly before a heavy rain shower we reached our car park, the end of our walking-tour.