Walking Description

Date: 5-9-95 Day of week: Tuesday
Location: Mieminger Gebirge
Category: Walking tour in the mountains
Starting point: Exit of Bairbach

View From Mooser Alm!

Lowest altitude (m): 710 Highest altitude (m): 1760 Difference in altitude (m): 1050
Characteristic: Interesting walking-tour with variing ascents
Difficulty: Easy to medium walking-tour without any danger
Weather: Sunny, few clouds, good view
Participants: Annemarie (31), Gerhard (9) und Rupert (39)

Time of departure (hour): 9.10 Time of return (hour): 15.55
Distances Time
Breaks (hours)
Exit of Bairbach - Crossing of brook near Brand 0.25 -
Crossing of brook near Brand - Buchen 1.20 0.05
Buchen - Alpine hut "Rauth-Hütte" 0.45 0.05
"Rauth-Hütte" - Forking of paths above "Mooser Alm" 0.25 0.40 (Weggabelung)
Forking of paths above "Mooser Alm" - "Rauth-Hütte" 0.20 -
"Rauth-Hütte" - Moos (bottom station of lift) 0.45 -
Moos (bottom station of lift) - Buchen ("Röpfer") 0.40 0.25 ("Röpfer")
Buchen ("Röpfer") - Exit of Bairbach 0.50 -
Total time (hours): 5.30 1.15

"KOMPASS" hiking map no. 35, scale: 1:50000

Map with high resolution (88 KB)

Because of the constant descent of the path between the exit of Bairbach (890 m) and the crossing of the brook below a hamlet called "Brand" (lowest altitude of 710 m) itīs possible to collect enough strength for the following ascent. After that the broad path ascended constantly at the left side of a brook. As there was a lot of water in the brook and part of the path runs in the bed of the brook, one has to change to the left path coming from Birkenfels/Telfs. After the brook you have to take care that you donīt miss the crossing to the right side of the brook. (A single wooden board lies across the brook.)

The ascent towards "Buchen", a narrow path with serpentines, was very beautiful, partly with good view back into the valley of "Kochen" and to "Hohe Munde". After crossing a road the path leads up the wooded slope to the alpine hut called "Rauth-Hütte". After crossing "Steiler Pletzen" we reached he highest point of our walking-tour, the forking of paths above "Mooser Alm". (Mooser Alm was a steep rocky slope without buildings!) Here you have a beautiful view.

The descent after "Rauth-Hütte" in direction "Obern" via "Moos" (bottom station of lift) was a little bit longer than walking back directly, but we were more than compensated for that by the beautiful path leading from "Moos" to "Buchen". Magnificent meadows, small spots of marshland, woody paths and the cool "Katzenloch" were very idyllic to see.

A short stop in the restaurant "Röpfer Stubīn" with a beautiful view was the last break before descending to Bairbach.

Bay the way, "Hohe Munde" was only accessible to a hight of 2000 m, as above that there was too much snow. The snow-line was at 1800 m. (Very untypical at the beginning of September!)