Walking Description

Date: 8-9-95 Day of week: Friday
Location: Mieminger Gebirge
Category: Mountain Tour
Starting point: Car park "Straßberghaus"

Little Clouded Sky!

Starting altitude (m): 1170 Highest altitude (m): 2055 Difference in altitude (m): 885
Characteristic: Interesting walking-tour with magnificent view and beautiful "Hintereggensteig"
Difficulty: Easy to medium walking-tour
Weather: Sunny, few clouds, good wide view
Participants: Annemarie (31), Gerhard (9) und Rupert (39)

Time of departure (hour): 8.45 Time of return (hour): 13.40
Distances Time
Breaks (hours)
Car Park "Straßberghaus" - "Straßberghaus" 0.10 -
"Straßberghaus" - Branching off to "Hintereggensteig" 0.50 0.05
Branching off to "Hintereggensteig" - Point of return 0.30 -
Point of return - Branching off to "Hintereggensteig" 0.20 0.25 (branch)
Branching off to "Hintereggensteig" - "Neue Alplhütte" 0.50 0.55 ("Neue Alplhütte")
"Neue Alplhütte" - Car park before "Straßberghaus" 0.50 -
Total time (hours): 3.30 1.25

"KOMPASS" hiking map no. 35, scale: 1:50000

Map with high resolution (87 KB)

Shortly before "Straßberghaus" there are two car parks, we used the higher one, both car parks were completely empty. Before reaching "Staßberghaus" we branched off to the right towards Niedere Munde. Steadily ascending we reached the branching-off to "Neue Alplhütte". At this very narrow section of the path you find a bench with a magnificent view. Afterwards the path continues in serpentines. Unfortunatly our ascent had to be stopped at an altitude of about 1850 m, as there was too much snow on the path and the descent in particular might have been a bit dangerous. (This risk seemed too hard to take regarding Gerhard.)

The way back was very interesting and is recommendable. Brooks and a rubble covered slope with a herd of chamois were interesting to see. As the "Alplhütte" seemed to be closed, resting at the very cosy "Neue Alplhütte" was very worthwhile. The rushing of the brook "Grieß-Bach" was our accompaniment, while we descended on its left side to "Straßberghaus". (Stamping stations: near "Hintereggensteig" and "Neue Alplhütte")